“Not all who wander are lost.” – Tolkien

Patsy is a book nerd living in Washington, DC.  She thinks that libraries are some of the most peaceful places in the world, could spend a Friday night at Barnes and Nobles, and consistently blows money on books.  Real books.  She does not own a Kindle because she wants a house full of well-worn and well-loved books.  (I got a Kindle for Christmas and kind of love it.  I still want a house full of books, but eh, color me surprised.)   Patsy has a BA in English, is constantly searching for what she wants to be when she grows up, and learning to live one book at a time.

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“I say, you see everything and you say, because I never look where I’m going.” -Wilkins

Katie is a graphic designer/fine artist who works and studies in Philly. Her favorite places include Florence, Bookstores, The South, Volleyball Courts, and Her Bed. She fears the debts that may incur if she continues to swallow NookBooks whole, but can’t seem to stop the addiction. She loves books of adventure, romance, and science fiction/fantasy. If the book has a “Non” in front of “Fiction” she won’t read it–unless forced. Reading is therapy and Katie is an escapist.