Genre: Non-fiction, Fantasy, Romance

Notes: 19/50.  Started off with promise, but sort of fell apart into this weird vampire romance novel that reminded me too much of Twilight.  Also, I listened to this in audiobook form.

Review: I decided to “read” this book on my way back from Maryland to Charleston.  I had complained to my boyfriend that I was tired of searching for radio stations or listening to Christian country rock stations through large swaths of rural Virginia and he suggested that I buy an audiobook instead.  Genius!

And really, it worked out great.  I had constant noise (but I didn’t have good headphones so I had my phone like weirdly perched on my shoulder held in place by the seat belt), I didn’t have to scan for radio stations roughly every 20 minutes, and I adore reading in the car.  I like  road trips when I’m not driving because all I want to do is sleep and read.

However, the actual book got annoying fast.  It turns out this book is a gigantic tome and would take 24 hours to listen to.  I’ve gotten through about 8 hours and have given up hope of finishing.  Part of it is the narrator.  She gets kind of annoying and reads in this breathy tone like she’s reading poetry.  All of her lines go up at the end and she read in a kind of monotone.  But he vocal range and the different voices of the characters are great.  I just didn’t like Diana’s (the main character) voice which unfortunately is most of the book.

It started off with a lot of elements I like: Magic, universities, academia, and literature.  I mean, it has an enchanted book for god sakes!  But, alas, it totally fell apart into this Twilight-esque romance novel.  Diana started the book as a self-sufficient witch with a HUGE chip on her shoulder.  She refuses to do magic at all because she believed magic has something to do with the death of her parents.  I found that annoying.  You’re a witch.  Act like it. Not using magic doesn’t make you less of a witch.  It just makes you a stupid witch.  Diana takes care of herself and makes herself be independent to an almost irritating degree because she will not accept any help from anyone ever.

That is, until a beautiful vampire named Matthew Clairmont ensnare her heart.  They aren’t supposed to mix .  Vampires and witches do not start romances.  It’s just not done.  But there is something about him that she feels herself drawn to.  And he finds himself drawn to her as well.  He admits he craves her blood (hello Twilight) and begins to fall for her as well.  He even snuck into her apartment and watched her sleep.  GAG.  That’s pretty much where I stopped reading. She became too into him for my taste. Maybe I just don’t like romance novels in general, but this novel felt like it followed every stereotypical romance trope without changing anything.

Bottom Line: Yawn.