Genre: Horror, Thriller, Cannibalism

Notes: Book 15/50.  This is exactly like the movie.

Review: First of all, I’m 3 solid books behind on this blog, so get ready for a flurry of updates.  Second, when I say this book is exactly like the movie, it is exactly like the movie.  They did an excellent job with the film adaptation but you know what? I didn’t care.  I didn’t feel like reading something where I already knew what happened.  As I’m sure you well know, I need my movies to be exactly like the book thankyouverymuch, but once I’ve seen the movie, I usually don’t go back and read the book if they’re that similar.  Like, Game of Thrones for example.  HBO did such a great job with season 1 that I wish I had skipped book 1 and moved straight on to book 2. So, this book kind of dragged.  I pictured Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal, heard all of his lines as he delivered them in the movie, and saw Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling.  (That’s who played her, right?)

The book itself, had I read it before I had watched the movie, is fantastic.  Harris does an amazing job of creating suspense, making you sweat, grip the edges of the book, and stop breathing.  Hannibal, even though he’s not truly the villain in this novel, is purely terrifying.  I find him more terrifying than your average serial murderer because he’s so damn polite and smart. The way he orchestrates his escape is both genius and horrifying.  Buffalo Bill really feels like a sideshow in this novel, as he did in much of the movie.  Even though Hannibal is basically only a consultant in this case, Harris really has him steal the show.

Side note, I totally read this on the beach.  Talk about a beach read, eh?

Bottom Line: If you’ve seen the movie, the book doesn’t really have anything else to offer.  Skip!