Genre: Non-Fiction, Sex, Baller-Status

Notes: 10/50 books. This book is a hilarious hot mess.  In a good way.

Review: Oh. My. God.  This book had me rolling on the floor.  If you enjoy reading about sex (and who doesn’t) Stef will pretty much give you everything you can ask for.  Chasing the Jersey is based after her popular blog of the same name found here about her ridiculous sex-capades chasing athletes and the occasional B-list, puppet obsessed actor.

I hate to get all feminist and preachy on here, (Actually, that’s a complete and total lie – I love getting feminist and preachy) but there are a few points I want to bring up.  First of all, I love that a woman can write about no-holds-barred sex.  Like, legitimately shady shit just to get a good bang.  Would I go to London on a hope and a prayer after google stalking the English Premiere League team?  Probably not.  Do I enjoy reading about someone else doing this?  ABSOLUTELY. I’m sure Stef has been called every derogatory female word in the book – slut, bitch, whore, prostitute, etc. But why is it okay for Tucker Max to write about about his stupid frat parties and banging and everyone thinks he is “the man” while every girl who has sex with more than one guy is a slut?  Or a girl who just has sex for pleasure? Anything than the monogamous, virginal attitude is met with angry whispers and pointed fingers.  Fuck you and your superior attitude, society.  I can have sex with whomever I want as many times as I want.

On the other side, I will have to say one thing that troubled me.  Girls, please stop giving up your lives for your boyfriends.  It’s not cool.  Or cute.  Or even appreciated.  In fact, it’s kind of pathetic.  I’m not saying Stef is pathetic – she’s a total baller – but I’m saying I found it troubling that whenever she addressed a boyfriend in the book, she was traveling all of the earth (literally) to go see him play, to soothe his bruised ego, and basically drop everything for him.  In those chapters, there is no mention of friends, no mention of girls nights out, and no mention of a “Fuck you, don’t talk to me that way you bitch. I hope you choke on your baseball and die.” Girls Girl Girls, this idealizing our boyfriends and thinking that he is the only relationship that matters hasgotto stop.  It reminds me of everything I hate about Bella Swan.

Whatever you think of Stef Williams and her book, you can’t deny the hookups are hilarious.  It’s like Victoria’s Secret mixed with sports and lots of sex.

Bottom Line: Read it!  The book is only available on ebook from Amazon, but its only $5.99 and totally worth it.  And she sleeps with an actor who is obsessed with puppets!  (Who, I have on good authority, is Jason Segel.  Surprised?  NOPE.)