Genre: Nonfiction, Sex

Notes: Reminded me of the Human Sexuality class at UMD!  I miss Dr. Sawyer.

Review:  Meh.  That pretty much sums up this book.  Mehhhh.

I’ve been a terrible blog updater because work got crazy, I got lazy (er), and I’m actually two books behind.  DON’T JUDGE ME.

Parts of this book are interesting.  Who doesn’t like reading about sex?  Sex is one of the most interesting topics, and I don’t say that in a perverted way.  Sex hasn’t gotten the attention and study it deserves because sex is “dirty” and reading about it still seems forbidden.  Reading about sex from a biological, emotional, and physical standpoint makes you realize the many nuances in the most basic of human actions.

This anthology, edited by Erica Jong, asks women the question “Describe the best sex you’ve ever had.” The variety and the candidacy the women respond makes the book interesting.  Some women describe one night stands, some women describe terrible, awful, boring sex, and one woman describes he young daughter’s obsession with rubbing against the corners of tables.

Honestly though, the anthology didn’t seem that well organized or edited.  There wasn’t much of a flow, and some of the narrative were downright boring.  Booooooo, sorry your married life blows and that you’re a super prude.  Next!

Bottom Line:  I would rate this book with like…3 stars.  It’s not bad, but it’s not good either.  It passes the time and reads quickly, but only scratches the surface of the complexity of Human Sexuality.  I thought it was interesting hearing this from a woman’s perspective because, even though talking and writing about sex is repressed for everyone, I think women are still viewed as these virginal, pure creatures (hate to break it to you, we aren’t) and sexuality coming from a woman is still more taboo as sexuality from a man.  Double standards!