Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Notes: I’ve never read Stardust, but this is the author who wrote it.  I saw the movie, and I found it super unique and super interesting. So when I found out Gaiman wrote Stardust, I had high hopes for American Gods.

Review:  So, it’s been a hot second since I posted a review.  I actually finished this book like a week ago, but my parents came to visit and we were busy gallivanting around Charleston.  But about the book:

The only way to describe this book is epic.  Epic has good and bad connotations and this book encompasses them both.  Parts of the book take a minute to get through and some pieces don’t seem to make a lot of sense, but it has the feel and the weight of an epic novel.  Where Gaiman comes up with this shit, I have no idea.  But it is incredible.

American Gods follows the main character, Shadow, as he gets out of prison to find his wife dead in a car accident in apparently adulterous circumstances with his best friend.  While figuring out what to do with his life, he meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday and begins an incredibly weird, indescribable journey.

Gaiman creates a world where god roam the earth freely – slowly dying out because people have stopped believing in the old ways.  And new gods are vying to take their places at the top of the food chain.  God fat on power and greed, with people worshiping at their altars.  Gods like media, technology, and TV are displacing the pagan gods.

This book has nuances and twists that are hard to articulate in a review without giving everything away.  Like I said, some parts drag, but I thought the book and the world made those parts worth it.  Honestly, it comes down to if you like the main character.  If you don’t, you’ll probably hate the book because it focuses almost exclusively on him.

Bottom Line: Read if it you have the time to push through an epic.  It’s long, but I liked it!