Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Weird

Notes: Seriously one of the weirdest books I’ve ever read

Review: Ok, when I say this is one of the weirdest books I’ve ever read, I mean this book is WEIRD.  The story centers on a Marine Biologist (Nate Quinn) who studies humpback whales to discover why they sing.  While out on his boat taking measurements and pictures of whales fluking, he sees distinctive markings on a humpback’s fins.  They, unmistakeably, say “Bite Me.”  When he gets close to figuring out why they sing (by assigning binary code to the song?  Really?), he gets swallowed by a whale and learns some interesting stuff.

I couldn’t tell if Moore was serious when he wrote this book or not.  I mean, it jumps from marine biologists in Hawaii, to getting swallowed by a whale, to meeting weird whale-human hybrids called whaley-boys.  This books is one giant WTF moment.

Whales as bio-engineered ships and an entire city at the bottom of the ocean called Gooville only scratch the surface of the WTF-ness of this novel.  It varied between being technical about Biology and whale conservation, which was interesting, to just insane.  One of the highlights of the book, however, was Kona.  Kona (aka Preston Applebaum from NJ) believes he is a native Hawaiian and Rastafarian.  His ganja smoking ways and ridiculous toughts made me laugh when this book got too weird.

I don’t want to give too much away, but it involves Amelia Earhart, a scientist who Nate thought was dead, and an organic “goo” with sentient thought that may or may not want to destroy humans.  Yup.  Oh, and possibly inter-species sex.

I’ve heard Christopher Moore is a great author and pens some hilarious, wacky stories.  But this probably wasn’t the best book to introduce myself to Moore.

Bottom Line: I like quirky books, but this one was a little too out there for me.