Genre: Literary Fantasy

Notes: I haven’t posted anything in a while!  I haven’t had as much time to read because I’ve been prepping to relocate to Charleston, SC!  Woo!  But about the book..

If you think you might like fantasy but don’t want to deal with elves, dwarfs, and magic this book might be the book for you.

Review: Jasper Fforde has to be one of the most creative authors I have ever read.  He creates this world where the impossible seems completely believable.

The series focuses on a literary detective by the name of Thursday Next (weird name, I know) who works for SpecOps in London.  She investigates book fraud, radical cells bent on censoring all books, and tons of other crazy things.  Her father, also a member of SpecOps, works (or has worked – he technically doesn’t exist since the ChronoGuard eradicated him) with and manipulates time.  He can time travel at will to any time in the present or future?  Sound confusing?  A little.  The first book, “The Eyre Affair,” took a little concentration to read and a lot of flipping back and forth between chapters, but the books are intriguing.    I love the concept that a person can literally get lost in a good book!

In this novel, Thursday Next works to get her husband back (the Goliath company eradicated him – seems to be a theme of Thursday’s life) by rescuing a terrible Goliath executive, Jack Schite, from his prose prison in “The Raven.”  How does Thursday get into a book? Miss Havisham from “Great Expectations” takes Thursday as an apprentice, obviously.  Makes total sense.

Honestly, this book is incredibly hard to describe.  You have to experience it for yourself.  In this world, dodos have been re-engineered and can be bought as exotic pets.  Neanderthals and mammoths still roam the earth. A Cheshire cat guards a library that contains every book ever written and every book ever dreamed.  And, we can’t forget, all organic matter will turn to pink goo unless Thursday can stop it.

Bottom Line: As odd as this book sounds, I had a good time reading it.  Pick it up – and get lost in a good book!